Double room: NOK 840,- pr night

Single room: NOK 590,- pr night

Rødstua: NOK 1300,- pr night

Stabburet (3 beds): NOK 850,- pr night

Hikers: NOK 275,- pr night

Breakfast: NOK 120,-

Dog staying in the room: NOK 100,-

Caravan/Camper: NOK 150,- pr night

Extra for electricity: NOK 50,- pr night

Please contact for ordering or information

Tlf:  (+47) 751 57700 or (+47) 951 951 31

   "Stabburet" has cooking possibilities and living room downstairs,  bedroom upstairs.

  "Rødstua" with bathroom, kitchen, 2 bedrooms

   "Pakkhuset" has single and double rooms for rent